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Park City Soccer Club 
is proud to again host

one.Soccer Day Camp

June 21 - 25, 2021 • Willow Creek park


A 5-day professional, structured program focused on 
playing, learning, improvement and having FUN! 

  • Qualified, international coaching staff that is knowledgeable     and passionate about making a difference in the athletes life.  
  • An excellent way to support your child’s growth, development and self confidence.  

Please register online at 
or call the office at 805-845-6801   

one.Soccer Curriculum Includes:

  • Ball Mastery & Juggling         • Dribbling
  • Going 2 Goal                                 • SAQ
  • Technique                                       • Transition Exercises
  • Rondos (possession games) • Footvolley
  • Small Sided Games (3v3, 4v4-6v6) 

Why does PCSC partner with one.Soccer?

1.  Healthy, Modern and Innovative Teaching Philosophy

With their Attention to Detail approach, coaches break down each step of a technique so the player understands how, when and where it will be used in the game.  Their Fail Your Way to Success philosophy encourages players to not be afraid to fail and how to identify and fix their mistakes so the athlete can build confidence and find success – Work ethic, teaching/learning & Enjoyment!

 2.  Coaching Staff & one. Curriculum
Highly qualified American and International coaching staff that possess dynamic personalities with a passion and fuel to develop players to be their best. Innovative, challenging and fun curriculum focused on game related techniques, the decision making process, and how these two topics blend together in a game’s competitive cauldron.

3.  Focused Training Environment
Their staff employs the one. Teaching Method: Communicate clearly, demonstrate clearly/precisely, be patient and allow the player to practice - learn by doing. Inspiring players to Take Control of Their Dreams. The one. environment is unlike any other, and through their innovative curriculum, dynamic staff, and teaching concepts, players are inspired to take control of their own destiny.

4.  Experienced Professional Camp Organization
one. is celebrating its 22nd year training young athletes all across the United States. During this time, thousands of players have benefitted immensely both on and off the field from their coaching, mentoring and training. They have students who have continued their careers on the college and professional levels including the US National Teams, MLS, European and South American Clubs.

5.  Professional Players Package
Each player receives a professional style jersey, shorts, socks along with a Pro Match Ball.