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Programs Fees



Most teams will participate in tournaments, however the number of tournaments  varies based on the age of the team and their level of play.  

In support of PCSC's philosophy that tournament play is an important part of player and team development, an annual tournament calendar will be created each winter for all PCSC teams. The calendar will be shared with the team during the spring and discussed  at the start of season team meeting in June. The  calendar will outline, in most cases, 2 - 3 local tournaments and 1 - 2 travel or State level tournaments recommended for each team. Once finalized, all rostered players are expected to cover their share of tournament fees and coach expenses whether they elect to participate in the tournament or not (these are an additional expense and not included in annual program fees.) 


2022/23 is the first of a two-year uniform cycle for Park City Soccer Club. All players will be required to purchased the new Adidas game and training kits through our on line distributor

Due to global supply chain issues, kits should be ordered by June 15 to ensure arrival prior to the Park City Extreme Cup Tournament, July 28 - 30, 2022.

Kit details and pricing are available under the Uniform tab       


Every PCSC family, with players U9 and older, is required to pay a $200 refundable Volunteer Deposit.  Upon completion of 10 volunteer hours per family, and submittal of the Volunteer Tracking form, families will receive a full $200 cash refund, or credit toward outstanding program fees.  Completion of less than 10 hours will result in a partial refund.  Families are responsible for tracking their own hours.


PCSC is committed to the quality of our soccer program. We require a full year financial commitment from each player in order to insure the financial solvency of each team, even if you select to pay through a payment plan. Your full year financial commitment to the club  allows the club to commit to coaches, fields, camps, training etc. If you or your player decides to withdraw from PCSC due to a change of heart or other interests, no refunds will be granted and no fees will be waived.

In case of a long-term injury or medical condition which prohibits play, or a long distance family relocation, a pro-rated refund will be considered upon written request to the Board of Directors. Physician confirmation of the soccer-ending injury or medical condition (for the season or the year) should accompany your request to the Board.