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By Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director, 03/01/19, 2:15PM MST


Ken Canada and Jen Wagner Begin Two Year Terms

PCSC Team Representative elected Ken Canada and Jennifer Wagner to join the Club's Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, February 28.  As elected members of the Board, they will serve two year terms.

Ken recently completed a one year term as an appointed member of the Board, contributing his legal and insurance expertise to help review contracts and upgrade the Club's coverage. Ken also assisted with  Board Secretary duties and coordinated the car wash fundraiser which helped interested families raise funds toward uniform expenses.  Ken previously served twice as a PCSC team manager, and has children playing on the B05W and G08W teams.

Jen comes to the PCSC Board with significant soccer experience as a club, high school champion, and NCAA DI collegiate player. She has coaching experience which includes both Rec and Club U17 teams, and is passionate about keeping kids -- especially girls -- involved in sports. Jen is a Pediatric Anesthesiologist with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, and an interest in injury prevention.  She has two daughters playing on the Club's G08R and G10R teams.

Ken and Jen join Board President Andrew Way, Treasurer Joe Tooley, and Member-at-Large Tim Hendrickson on the Board. Up to five appointed members will be named later this month.

Gif Brown, Maggie Hull, and Steve Pickens were thanked at the AGM for their completed terms, as was Lisa Efinger whose year as President Emeritus also came to an end.  Eligible for re-appointment from the 2018-19 Board are Peter O'Doherty and Colin Hilton. Ann Sykes and Scott Kaiserman resigned from their positions on the Board earlier last year due to time constraints.