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By Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director, 01/23/20, 7:00PM MST


Complete list of acknowledgments & winners

Monday evening, January 13, was an exciting evening inside the Eccles Center Theater at Park City High School. Over 600 players, coaches, family members and friends of the club turned out for the Club’s 3nd Annual Awards Night. Plenty of glitz, faux fur, sports coats and bow ties were on hand as PCSC players went out of their way to look festive for the special evening.

As players arrived, they had the opportunity to pose for photos with friends and family in front of the Club’s “Step & Repeat” banner. Photos posted to #proud2bpcsc were entered in a photo contest with Evelyn Lerner (Jessica), Arlo Hochman (Carrie Sheinberg), and Cassidy Murray (Janna) selected as the winners.

Upon entering the theater itself, guests were treated to a slide show highlighting hundreds of club and team photos from throughout the past year. Players also received their player gift, a customized PCSC dog tag, personalized with their name and their 2019 team.

Club President, Andrew Way, served as the Master of Ceremonies, while players from the U8 Foundations Program (2012 & 13 birth years) assisted Eli Ulvi, PCSC’s Director of Coaching with the presentation honors.  The ceremony began with a Parade of Teams, giving each team and coach (chronologically youngest to oldest) the opportunity to be recognized on stage.

Andrew took the opportunity to showcase two of PCSC's coaches who have received national recognition in 2019. Last Spring, Matt Terwillegar was one of 50 coaches to receive the Double-Goal Award from the Positive Coaching Alliance -- out of thousands of nominations -- and this month, Paulo Franco was recognized as one of the Regional Youth Coaches of the Year by the United Soccer Coaches Association. 

Andrew then went on to recognize a number of special groups, without whom the Club would not be seeing its current level of enrollment and success. Starting the Club’s administrators and volunteers, followed by current Board members, and wrapping up with our players themselves. Andrew would go on to praise the Club’s Managers, Tournament Coordinators, and Culture Keepers later in the evening during the Manager of the Year presentation.

The evening’s formal awards presentations included:

Sponsor Recognition
Hyatt Place Park City
Jamba Juice
Jimmy Johns
Park City Community Foundation / Solomon Fund                
Park City Dental Spa  
The UPS Store
Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes

Community Recognition Awards
Spirit of the Game Award - Karen Yocum, Recreation Supervisor - PC Marc (retired)

Young Referee of the Year - Erik Stocker

Community Service Recognition
            “Holiday Toy Drive Wrapping Party”
                        Coordinators: Parent Rob Corcoran & Manager Annie Cashiola.
                        Participants: Boys 2009 Red Team.
            “Community Easter Egg Hunt” in support of Basin Recreation
                        Coordinators: Matthew Hladon & Ethan Young.
                         Participants: Boys 2007 Silver Team.
            “Rail Trail Clean Up”
                        Coordinators: Taylor Garland & Quinn Kelly.
                        Participants: Boys 2007 Red Team.
            “Beehive Senior Living Service Project”
                        Coordinators:  Kate Johnson & Meghan Moynahan.
                        Participants: Girls 2007 White.
            “Cookies & Kindness:
                        Coordinators: Annika Hunt, Rachel Roderick & Remy Rogers.
                        Participants: Girls 2006 Red Team.
             “Recycle Utah Volunteer Project”
                        Coordinators: Porter Connolly & Kelton Ferriter.
                         Participants: Boys 2006 Red Team.

Club-wide Awards
Champion Award - Paul Wynn, Goalie Coach & Club-wide on-call Assistant Coach
Coach of the Year, Boys’ Team - Jason “Crash” Jentzsch, B08R,B08W & G09W
Coach of the Year, Girls’ Team - Jeremy Weeks, G07R, G10R & G10W                  
Distinguished Service Award - Melanie Moffat, past PCSC Brd Mbr & Scholarship Chair
Kenzie Coyne Winning Spirit - Madeline Jaquet, G08W
Manager of the Year - Susan Pidwell, B08R (Spring 2019) & B08R Tournament Coordinator
Moment of the Year for Club Spirit, Sportsmanship & Camaraderie
      - B07 White & B07 Silver Teams  (Spring 2019)
Player of the Year, Female - Sutton Hull, G07R
Player of the Year, Young Female - Sosie Sheffert, G10R
Player of the Year, Male - Greyson Mercer, B01 R
Player of the Year, Young Male - Tanner Pidwell, B08R      
Sportsmanship Award - Lorenzo Grandjacquet, B08W
Volunteer of the Year - Andrew Way, PCSC Board President

Player Awards - Most Coachable    
Evelyn Lerner, G2011                         Ronen Dunlea, B2011                        
            Sosie Sheffert, G2010                        Calvin Sidlow, B2010 
            Gracie Bullock, G2009                       Finn Burnett, B2009
            Kelly Hough, G2008                            Brogan Price, B2008
            Amelia Grisham, G2007                    Ashland Stein, B2007
            Charlese Richins, G2006                  Julian Waters, B2006
            Leah Yeager, G2004/05                     Garrett Provines, B2005
            Caroline Cook, G2002/03               Alan Ibarra, B2004
                                                                                     Cameron Solomon, B2003
                                                                                     Connor Campbell, B2002
                                                                                     Andrew Cates, B2001

Player Awards - Most Committed Teammate
Blake Laakso, G2011                          Mason Cadman, B2011
            Wylie Rothwell, G2010                    Jackson Reddy, B2010
            Josie Peterson, G2009                      Asher Poor, B2009
            Sierra Cobleigh, G2008                    Zane Fisher, B2008
            Olivia Johnson, G2007                      Quinn Kelly, B2007
            Eimee Meneses, G2006                    Sebastian Toth, B2006
            Riley Strople, G2004/05                  Luke Esper, B2005
            Samantha Manwaring, G02002/03    Luke Tooley, B2004
                                                                                   Jose Gonzalez, B2003
                                                                                   Gio Pena, B2002
                                                                                   Judson Smedley, B2001

Player Awards - Team Leadership
            Lucy Puckett, G2011                          Ansel Turco, B2011
            Wendy Rodriguez, G2010              Koji Greenwood, B2010
            Elizabeth Schlegel, G2009              Charlie Ginster, B2009
            Calla Holder, G2008                           Zebby Crossland, B2008
            Sutton Hull, G2007                             Spencer Beavis, B2007
            Piper Hastings, G2006                      Kelton Ferriter, B2006
            Kennedy Janssen, G2004/05        Bryce stone, B2005
            Remy Eichner, G2002/03                Jake Layman, B2004
                                                                                    Carlos Lagunas, B2003
                                                                                    Josh Baniewicz, B2002
                                                                                    Tosh Martin, B2001

Player Awards - Soccer Savvy
Cameryn Bullett, G2011                 Bowen Ploof, B2011
            Kate Wagner, G2010                        Mason Coyne, B2010
            Tia Peay, G2009                                   Jaren Cottis, B2009
            Juniper Bales, G2008                       Miles Magnotta, B2008
            Lauren Kindt, G2007                        Christofer Hernandez, B2007
            Madison Coyne, G2006                  Nicholas Janssen, B2006
            Cate Defa, G2004/05                       Felix Galeana, B2005
            Ellie Brown, G2002/03                    Luke Bochnowski, B2004
                                                                                    Isaac Hinojosa, B2003
                                                                                    Ryan Hanley, B2002
                                                                                   Georgie Pineda, B2001

Academic All-Stars Grades 8 - 12
Cumulative weighed GPA of 3.95 or higher
       Josh Baniewicz*               Stephanie Burnham*               Isabelle Chevre*                                
           Jonathan Clifton*             Caroline Cook*                          Cate Defa*
           Luke Esper*                       Frankie Giaccio *                       Lauren Greenwell*                            
           Owen Grisham                  Salem Hull*                                Kennedy Janssen*                              
           Kira Johansen                    MacKenzie Joiner*                    Andrea Katz*
           Gabe LaBrin                       Charis Lunsford*                       Samantha Manwaring*
           Tosh Martin*                     Quinn McCall*                         Garrett Provines*
            Bowen Pruyn*                  Kaden Salem*                          Kardin Salem*
            Jack Skidmore*                 Cameron Solomon*                Gianna Ulvi*

          * High Honors, cumulative weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher

PCSC Ambassadors
             Erick Alvarez, B06W       Luis Alvarez, B03R                   Zephan Foote, B03R
             Brandon Infante, B05R  Juan Martinez Pena, B02R  Juliet Nava, G02/03R             
             Kenneth Nava, B02R       Shelly Palabrica                         Gio Pena, B02R                      
             Perla Vazquez, G06R

TOSH State Select 2019 ODP Player Pool
Ashtyn Holder, 2010            Sosie Sheffert, 2010           Kate Wagner, 2010
            Jaren Cottis, 2009                  Elsie Miller, 2009                 Tia Peay, 2009
            Sadie Thimm, 2009                Juniper Bales, 2008             Abbie Giblin, 2008

            Xanthe Hailey, 2008               Calla Holder, 2008             Jeremie Hopkins, 2008*
           Sawyer Sheffert, 2008           Paige Wagner, 2008          Sutton Hull, 2007*                 
           Quinn Kelly, 2007                     Lauren Kindt, 2007             Caroline Retzer, 2007**        
            Sophia Thimm, 2007               Kelton Ferriter, 2006**

            * UYSA Combine Team (Mesquite, NV)
            ** UYSA Regional Championships Team (Phoeniz, AZ)

US Youth Soccer West Region 2019 ODP Camp Invitation (McMinnville, OR)
            Greta Bretts, 2007                  Laurent Kindt, 2007*            Sutton Hull, 2007
            Caroline Retzer, 2007*         Sofia Thimm, 2007     

            *US Youth Soccer West Region 2019 ODP Player Pool

UYSA 2019 League Finalists
Girls 06 White, Finalist U13 Metro B Spring League (Promoted to U14 Metro A)
                        Coach Peter Timar
            Girls 02/03 Red, Finalist U17 Div 1 Spring League (Promoted to U18 Premier 2)
                        Coach Jean-Marc Chevre
            Girls 08 White, Finalist U12 Metro B Fall League (Promoting to U12 Metro A)
                        Coach Alex Lofgren
            Boys 07 White, Finalist U13 Metro D Fall League (Promoting to U13 Metro C)
                        Coach Alex Lofgren
            Boys 06 Red, Finalist U14 Metro A Fall League (Promoting to U14 Division 3)
                        Coach Paulo Franco

UYSA 2019 League Champions
            Girls 08 Red, Champions U12 Metro A Fall League (Promoting to U12 Division 2)
                        Coach Alex Lofgren
            Girls 07 Red, Champions U13 Division 1 Fall League (Promoting to U14 Premier 2
                        - Fall League 2020) Coach Jeremy Weeks
            Girls 07 White, Champions U13 Metro A Fall League (Promoting to U13 Division 3)
                        Coach Peter Timar
            Boys 07 Red, Champions U13 Metro A Fall League (Promoting to U13 Division 3)

                        Coach Alex Lofgren

2019 Tournament Champions
            Girls 2010 Red:           Wasatch Soccer Classic      U9 Gold       May 2019
                        Coach Carl Turner     
            Girls 2008 Red:           PC Extreme Cup                     U12 Silver     July 2019
                       Coach Alex Lofgren
            Boys 2008 Red:          Hero’s Cup                                 U12  Silver       November 2019
                       Coach Jason “Crash” Jentzsch
            Girls 2007 White:      PC Extreme  Cup                   U13 Bronze     July 2019
                        Coach Peter Timar
            Boys 2007 Red:          USA Adidas Cup                      U13 Bronze     August 2019
                        Coach Alex Lofgren
           Boys 2007 White:      Wasatch Soccer Classic      U12 Bronze     May 2019
                        Coach Alex Lofgren
            Boys 2006 Red:          PC Extreme Cup                     U14 Bronze     July 2019
                        Coach Paulo Franco
            Girls 2002/03 Red:  PC Extreme Cup                     U19 Gold         July 2019
                        Coach Jean-Marc Chevre