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By Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director, 10/19/22, 10:45AM MDT


Park City Soccer Club (PCSC) is excited to announce that Athletic Republic Park City has recently entered into an annual partnership to become the Club’s Education Center sponsor.

The Club fields thirty-three teams and a number of youth development programs, engages more than 600 players ages 5 to 18, and serves almost 500 families. In May 2021, PCSC opened an administrative office and Education Center on Business Park Loop near Silver Creek Village. Until recently, the Center has been used primarily for staff and board meetings, video analysis, team discussions, and social gatherings. 

With the Athletic Republic Park City partnership, PCSC will be entering a new phase of programming in the upcoming year, including an increased emphasis on whole athlete development. “It is our goal to connect PC Soccer Club, and the community they support, with the value-added services of Exercise Sport Science,” states Shae Sims, who co-owns Athletic Republic Park City with her husband, Barry Sims. “We are proud of the knowledge and experience our staff at Athletic Republic possess and we are excited to share those resources with the PCSC membership.”  

The initial phase of the PCSC - Athletic Republic partnership will focus on running mechanics to help players improve their speed and increase players’ overall strength. Teaching athletes a proper dynamic warming up to decrease injury and implementing ACL stability training to reduce incidence of ACL injury, especially in female athletes in addition to educating players and parents on recovery strategies to utilize after the intense multi-day play of summer tournaments. By late summer and fall, the partnership will include a series of seminars, for players and parents alike, on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition and sleep to the sports psychology of game day preparation. It is clear with today’s hectic pace, parents have enough to worry about managing their players’ schedule, Athletic Republic Park City is positioned to support PCSC in providing reliable and up-to-date information and educational resources to guide parents as their athletes navigate the competitive soccer landscape.

“The PCSC technical staff is incredibly excited to partner with the highly respected Athletic Republic team,” stated Eli Ulvi, PCSC’s Technical Director. “The expertise that Athletic Republic provides in the areas of exercise science, nutrition, and wellness will perfectly complement our efforts on the field and in the classroom. Through a series of educational offerings, Athletic Republic will support our mission to develop the whole athlete.”

Athletic Republic Park City is the area’s #1 Sports Performance Training Center and Sport Science Education resource focusing on the development of the whole athlete. “We are looking forward to helping players and coaches integrate the fundamentals we teach into developing the best soccer players possible within Park City Soccer Club,” added Sims. “We are excited to share our 30+ years of experience, proven science, and resources.”