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PCSC Parksy's Awards Night A Huge Success

By Shelley Gillwald, Executive Director, 01/17/19, 12:45AM MST


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 Monday evening, January 14, was an exciting evening inside the Eccles Center Theater at Park City High School. Nearly 700 players, coaches, family members and friends of the club turned out for the Club’s 2nd “Parksy’s” Awards Night. Plenty of glitz, faux fur, sports coats and bow ties were on hand as PCSC players went out of their way to look festive for the special evening.

As teams gathered in the lobby, Big Shot Photo Group provided the opportunity for players to pose with friends and team mates for group pictures, securing their first memento of the evening. Upon entering the theater itself, guests were treated to a slide show highlighting hundreds of club and team photos from throughout the past year. Players also received a second memento, a personalized soccer dog tag with their name and their 2018 team.

Club President, Andrew Way, served as the Master of Ceremonies, while players from the U8 Foundations Program (2011 birth year) assisted Eli Ulvi, PCSC’s Director of Coaching, and Shelley Gillwald, PCSC’s Executive Director, with the presentation honors. Making a special guest appearance was club parent and “Voice of the Olympic Park,” Carl Roepke, who helped Andrew review the names of players from nine teams recognized as part of the Club’s new Champions Program.

The ceremony began with Andrew recognizing a number of special groups, without whom the Club would not be seeing its current level of enrollment and success. Starting the coaching staff and club administrators, followed by current term and previous term Board member, and wrapping up with volunteers and our players themselves. From there, the formal presentations began:

2018 Parksy Award Recipients

Club Sponsor Recognition
            Athletic Republic - received by Charlie Graves and Kyle Ballew                  
            Park City Dental Spa - received by Dawnetta Abraham
            PCCF/Solomon Fund - received by Diego Zegarra & Sarah MacCarthy       
            Zurixx - received by Andrew Way

PC Extreme Cup Sponsor Recognition
            Hideout Canyon / Soaring Hawk, Platinum Sponsor
            Jamba Juice, Presenting Sponsor       
            Newpark Resort, Platinum Sponsor & Tournament Headquarters
Swire Coca Cola, Hospitality Sponsor
            Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes, Platinum Sponsor - received by Michael Thomas

Community Recognition Awards
            Community Service Award, Uniform Drive - Jennifer, Kate & Olivia Johnson 
            Spirit of the Game - Bonnie Park, Basin Recreation District Administrator (retired)
Young Referee of the Year - Espen Hunt, B04R & Gabariel Labrin, B03R

Club-wide Awards    
            Coach of the Year, Boys’ Team - Matt Terwillegar, B09R & B09W, Youth Program Director
            Coach of the Year, Girls’ Team - Alex Lofgren, G08R & G08W
            Distinguished Service Award - Lisa Efinger, PCSC Board President 2017/18 & 2006/07
            Kenzie Coyne Winning Spirit - Isaac Carpio Fernandez, B09W
            Manager of the Year - Victoria Miller, G08R           

            Moment of the Year for Club Spirit, Sportsmanship & Camaraderie - G08R Families
            Player of the Year, Female - Riley Barnhart, G04R
            Player of the Year, Young Female - Caroline Retzer, G07R
            Player of the Year, Male - Owen Grisham, B01R     

            Player of the Year, Young Male - Matthew Rock, B08R       
            Volunteer of the Year - Tom Merchant, Assistant Coach B08W

Player Awards - Most Coachable
Lilia Stein, G10R                     Autumn Boyd, G10W             Jackson Reddy, B10R
            Thatcher Ford, B10W            Charli Riessen, G09R              Riley Eaton, G09W
            Adley Gramann, G09S           Gigi Castellano, B09R             Asher Poor, B09W
            Logan Cadman, B09S            Paige Wagner, G08R               Riley Hastings, G08W
            Kaia Ulvi, G08S                       Tanner Pidwell, B08R             
Lorenzo Grandjacquet, B08W

            Sophia Thimm, G07R             Ella Willard, G07W                Heidi Frauenberg, G07S
            Quinn Kelly, B07R                  Andrew Olson, B07W            Talon Flinders, B07S
            Remy Rogers, G06R               Kelly Richardson, G06W        Bryson Garland, B06R
            William Lunsford, G06W      TR Bullock, B05R                     Danny McCarthy, B05W
            Riley Barnhart, G04R             Salem Hull, G04/05W            Jake Layman, B04R
            Maude Crossland, G03R       Jake Provines, B03R               Shane Hilton, B03/04W
            Ana Kaiserman, G02R           Kenneth Nava, B02R              Jack Skidmore, B01R


Player Awards - Ultimate Teammate
Ashtyn Holder, G10R               Joya Sweeney, G10W                        Jackson Reddy, B10R
            Harrison Alderman, B10W     Tia Peay, G09R                                    Riley Reese, G09W
            Jenna Magid, G09S                 Dashel Sykes, B09R                             Will Hladon, B09W
            Sam Koopman, B09S               Gracie Stevenson, G08R                    Grace Canada, G08W
            Sierra Cobleigh, G08S             Zane Fisher, B08R                               Max Esper, B08W
            Madeline Reddy, G07R           Liv Skylling, G07W                              Brynna Lane, G07S
            Canyon Corcoran, B07R          Henry Skidmore, B07W                     Matthew Hladon, B07S
            Stevie Hough, G06R                Olivia Oveson, G06W                         Kardin Salem, B06R
            Julian Waters, B06W              Bryce Stone, B05R                               Alex Reynoso, B05W
            Maddie Kaiserman, G04R       Ashley Fannon, G04/05W                Andrew Sweeney, B04R
            Chloe Shewell, G03R               Zephan Foote, B03R                           Nau Rea, B03/04W
            Alexa Behrens, G02R              Owen Dufner, B02R                            James Dowie, B01R

Player Awards - Soccer Savvy
Sosie Sheffert, G10R               Riley Passage, G10W                           Anthony Francisco, B10R
            Harrison Alderman, B10W     Autumn Reital, G09R                          Brooke Goldberg, G09W
            Ivy Brown, G09S                      Christian Garcia, B09R                        Xander Hull, B09W
            David Alderman, B09S            Juniper Bales, G08R                            Xanthe Hailey, G08W
            Chloe Aldous, G08S                 Adrian Talavera, B08R                        
Haiden Cunningham, B08W
            Lauren Kindt, G07R                 Sophia Lund, G07W                             Ivana Rubio, G07S
            Holden Way, B07R                  Ashland Stein, B07W                           Santiago Infante, B07S
            Madison Coyne, G06R           Cadence Hilderbrand, G06W             Aron Tubilla Gabriel, B06R
            William Lunsford, B06W         JT Grisham, B05R                               
Mauricio Hernandez, B05W
Shelly Palabrica, G04R        Kennedy Janssen, G04/05W             Luke Bochnowski, B04R
            Juliet Nava, G03R                    Carlos Lagunas, B03R                         
Sam Alonso Pacheco, B03/04W
Isabelle Chevre, G02R           Matias Gonzalez, B02R                       Lenny Gomez, B01R

Player Awards - Leadership
Kate Wagner, G10R                Wylie Rothwell, G10W                         Mason Coleman, B10R
            Cameron Stacey, B10W          Elsa Dellenbach, G09R                        Carmen Fletcher, G09W
            Annabelle Miller, G09S           Jimmy Cashiola, B09R                        Ashton Waldron, B09W
            Reid McCurdy, B09S               Calla Holder, G08R                               Winter Rothwell, G08W
            Sierra Cobleigh, G08S             Matthew Rock, B08R                          Lucas Hampton, B08W
            Jonny Spencer, G07R              Kate Johnson, G07W                          Callie Martin, G07S
            Taylor Garland, B07R             Peter Manwaring, B07W                    Ethan Young, B07S
            Annika Hunt, B06R                  Peyton McClelland, G06W               Nicolas Janssen, B06R
            Jagger Nyce, B06W                 Bryce Stone, B05R                              Duke Gordon, B05W
            Quinn McCall, G04R               Sarah Fischer, G04/05W                     Espen Hunt, B04R
            Mia Hunt, G03R                      Gabriel Labrin, B03R                           Aidan Cone, B03/04W
            Stephanie Burnham, G02R     Jonny Clifton, B02R                            Greyson Mercer, B01R

Academic All-Stars
                * High Honors, weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher

            Lindsey Aten                            Josh Baniewicz*                                  Stephanie Burnham
            Cameron Chevre                     Isabelle Chevre*                                 Ellie Christensen
            Jonathan Clifton                      Caroline Cook*                                   Calvin Crossland
            Maude Crossland*                  Clay Hicke*                                          Espen Hunt
            Mia Hunt*                               Kennedy Janssen*                               Ava Kelly*
            Alex Kuck*                               Alex Lopansri*                                    Samantha Manwaring
            Tosh Martin*                           Danny McCarthy*                               Quinn McCall*
            Kaden Salem*                         Emma Schwartz*                                 Jack Skidmore*

PCSC Ambassadors
             Erick Alvarez, B06W               Luis Alvarez, B03R                               Zephan Foote, B03R
             Jose Gonzalez, B03R              Carlos Lagunas, B03R                         Juan Martinez, B02R
             Juliet Nava, G02/03R             Omero Nunez, B04R                           Shelly Palabrica, G04R
             Gio Pena, B02R                         Alex Reynoso, B05W                            Jorge Vazquez, G03R

TOSH State Select 2018 ODP Player Pool
Sadie Bretts, 2009                   Xander Hull, 2009                               Autumn Reital, 2009
             Dashel Sykes, 2009                 Juniper Bales, 2008                         
Sebastian Crossland, 2008
            Zane Fisher, 2008                   Calla Holder, 2008                              Tanner Pidwell, 2008
             Paige Wagner, 2008               Ruby Aikin, 2007                                 Greta Bretts, 2007
            Abby Hanton, 2007                 Sutton Hull, 2007                                Quinn Kelly, 2007
            Lauren Kindt, 2007                  Talise Larsh, 2007                               Piper Lister, 2007
            Caroline Retzer, 2007             Garland Taylor, 2007                        Sophia Thimm, 2007
             Holden Way, 2007                  Aron Tubilla Gabriel, 2006

UYSA League Finalists
Girls 08 White, Finalist U10 Metro D Spring League
            Playing for Coach Patty McAllister: Addison Bowers, Grace  Canada, Stevie Feder,
             Xanthe Hailey, Riley Hastings, Sidney Hatcher, Mia Jamrich, Reese Laakso,
             Kennedy McCarthy, Caroline Pfaff, Isabel Reyna Nunez and Winter Rothwell.

            Boys 09 White, Finalist U10 Metro D Fall League
Playing for Coach Matt Terwillegar: Wyatt Brown, Issac Carpio, Jaren Cottis, Will
            Hladon, Xander Hull, Grayson McChesney, Ryder Monson, Asher Poor, Quin
            Roderick, Jose Sanchez, Ashton Waldron, and Felix Waters

UYSA League Champions
            Girls 07 Red, 1st place 2017/2018 U11 Division 1 (promoted to Premier Silver)
            Playing for Coach Mara Discoe: Ruby Aikin, Greta Bretts, Abby Hanton, Sutton
            Hull, Lauren Kindt, Talise Larsh, Piper Lister, Sophia Lund, Madeline Reddy,
            Caroline Retzer, Lily Schwartz, Jonny Spencer, Sophia Thimm, and Ella Wismer

            Girls 09 Red, 1st place U9 Metro B Spring League (promoted to Metro A)
Playing for Coach Ryan Bales: Savannah Bennet, Elsa Dellenbach, Carmen
            Fletcher, Maddie McCallion, Moana Motyka, Tia Peay, Sophie Plavacos, Autumn
            Reital, Lizzy Schlegel, and Felicity Tomberg

            Boys 09 Red, 1st place U9 Metro B Spring League (promoted to Metro A)
            Playing for Coach Matt Terwillegar: Diego Arreola, Matias Brinck, Gigi Castellano,
            Taite Christensen, Crue Corcoran, Asher Cummins, Ty Curran, Christian Garcia,
            Grayson McChesney, Quin Roderick, and Dashel Sykes.

           Boys 07 Silver, 1st place U11 Metro E Spring League (promoted to Metro D) 
Playing for Coach Peter Timar, and formally known as B07 Black: Sam Bateman,
        Nate Bott, Alex Cella, Christopher Drury, Talon Flinders, Colten Glass, Matthew
        Hladon, James Joiner, Ethan Young and Joseph Zynczak

         Boys 08 Red, 1st place U11 metro B Fall league (promoted to Metro A)
           Playing for Coach Jason “Crash” Jentzsch: Bryce Bertrand, Micah Bloomberg, Sebastian
           Crossland, Zane Fisher, Jordan Fuerte, Jeremie Hopkins, Joseph Ibarra, Luca Lund,
           Tanner Pidwell, Tazi Rearick, Matthew Rock, Max Schneider, Parker Taix, and Adrian

          Boys 02 Red, 1st place U17 Division 1 Fall League (promoted to Premier 2)
          Playing for Coach Mike Guetschow: Wyatt Adams, Josh Baniewicz, Chris Burnz,
          Connor Campbell, Jonny Clifton, Owen Dufner, Rhino Efinger, Matias Gonzalez,
          Kyler Kimball, Juan Martinez, Kenneth Nava, Gio Pena, and Kaden Salem.

2018 Tournament Champions
            Boys 09 White:  PC Extreme Cup                   U10 Bronze    July 2018
            Coach Matt Terwillegar. Players Wyatt Brown, Isaac Carpio, Jaren Cottis, Will
            Hladon, Xander Hull, Grayson McChesney, Ryder Monson, Asher Poor, Quin
            Roderick, Jose Sanchez, Ashton Waldron, and Felix Waters.

            Boys 08 Red:   Impact Players Showcase    U11 Bronze     July 2018
                                       Sparta Cup                              U11 Gold         July 2018
                                       Mayors Cup                            U11 Bronze     August 2018

            Coach Jason “Crash” Jentzsch. Players Bryce Bertrand, Micah Bloomberg,
            Sebastian Crossland, Zane Fisher, Jordan Fuerte, Jeremie Hopkins, Joseph
            Ibarra, Luca Lund, Tanner Pidwell, Tazi Rearick, Matthew Rock, Max Schneider,
            Parker Taix, and Adrian Talavera. Guest players Crue Corcoran and Christian

            Girls 06 Red:  Vail Valley Cup                      U13 Bronze      October 2018
            Coach Laurel Simpson. Players Reagan Beckstead, Lydia Brown, Ella Bynan,
            Hazel Cook, Madison Coyne, Lauren Greenwell, Piper Hastings, Stevie Hough,
            Annika Hunt, Whitney Kosiba, Maddie McHenry, Rachel Roderick, Remy
            Rogers, Ella Russell, and Izzy Worthington. Guest player Gianna Ulvi.

            Boys 06 RedUSA Adidas Cup                    U13 Bronze       August 2018
            Coach John Cairel. Players Trey Beichner, Owen Campbell, Tate Campbell,
            Mason Christensen, Porter Connolly, Kelton Ferriter, Bryson Garland, Dominik
            Jamrich, Nicolas Janssen, Miles Krakovitz, Samuel Lezama, Kardin Salem,
            Brayden Smith, Aron Tubilla Gabriel, Sean Patrick Whitaker, and Griffin
            Williams. Guest players Taylor Garland, 
Adam Hilton, Merritt Jones and
            Holden Way.

            Boys 06 White: Wasatch Soccer Classic    U12 Copper      May 2018                                           Murray Max Cup               U13 Bronze      August 2018
           Coach John Cairel. Players Erick Alvarez, Austin Aten, Erick Clayton, Jesus
            Granados Cruz, William Lunsford, Henry Morgan, Jagger Nyce, Tavian
            Robertson, Root Roepke, Kardin Salem, Alan Soberanis, Sebastian Toth,
            Alex Vieyra, Gabe Villanueva, Julian Waters, Griffin Williams, and
            Zaniello Masimiliano.


 For those unable to attend the Awards Night Celebration, looking to pick up either their player gift (dog tags), trophy, certificate, or your medal: 
- The majority of the items were taken Monday night; Shelley has none of
               the dog tag player gifts.

If you looking for a trophy, certificate or medal that your manager does not have, please email, as Shelley does have some of the awards with her. Additionally, if you are missing the plate for your trophy, email Shelley.

Finally, special thanks to all those who worked so hard to make our Awards Night a success. Kudos to planning committee Peter O'Doherty, Andrew Way, Michele Roepke and Eli Ulvi, as well as thank you to our event time volunteers:  Kyler Efinger and Connor Williamson,
Scott Boyle & Sofie Boyle, Jen Clifton, Mary Closser, Rob Corcoran, Megan Guetschow, Gina Johnson, Jen, James & Jacqueline Kanzler, Bill Loughlin, Erika Marin, Beth McCarthy, Jodi Rogers, Ann & Jay Sykes, Jill Taylor, Michael Thomas, Gianna & Kaia Ulvi, Jorge Vazquez, Dana Witkin, our U8 presenters Mason Cadman, Lincoln Hallman, Esperanza Hernandez, & Oliver Miller, and all of our great managers and "team chaperones."