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2020/21 Player Placements


The schedule for PCSC's 2020/21 Player Placements has been set. Placements will be held at the Park City Sports Complex (aka Quinn's) the week of June 8 for players born in the years 2014 - 2009. Placements will be held the week of June 15 for players born the year 2008 - 2002.

We appreciate that the loss of the Spring season was disappointing for players, coaches and parents. As we prepare for our next soccer year, it is important that each of our players knows they are a valued member of our soccer community. With that in mind, it is our position that  every player will be invited back to the Club next year.  

Every 2019/20 PCSC player, along with anyone interested in joining the Club,  is asked to complete the Placements Registration so we are able to communicate up-to-date information about process and begin to get a feel for numbers within each birth year. This is an important tool as Eli works to finalize coaching assignments and contracts.   


Players' Birth Year Team Age
2014 Foundations
2013 Foundations
2012 U9
2011 U10
2010 U11
2009 U12
2008 U13
2007 U14
2006 U15
2005 U16
2004 U17
2003 U18
2002 U19