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2021/22 Player Placements


PCSC's 2021/22 Player Placements (aka tryouts) will be held: 

  • At Trailside Park on the Upper, Lower and Elementary fields  
  • May 24 & 25 for players born in the years 2015 - 2012 
  • June 1 & 2 for players born the years 2011 - 2003   

General Information

  • Player Placement evaluations are based on birth year
  • Players should attend both scheduled days of placements and wear a dark t-shirt
  • To prepare for check-in and assign numbers, Pre-Registration will close at 11:00am each day
  • Check-in / number distribution will begin at the Park Room 30 minutes prior to start time (the Park Room is located adjacent to the lower playground at Trailside Park)
  • Where age appropriate, check in should be limited to one person; masks are strongly recommended

Every 2020/21 returning PCSC player, along with anyone interested in joining the Club, must complete the Placements Pre-Registration Form. This allows us to:

  • Communicate up-to-date information about the placement process
  • Get a feel for numbers within each birth year
  • Pre-assign numbers to be worn during the placement session
  • Enable us to limit contact and maintain social distancing during the check -in process


Players' Birth Year Team Age
2015 Foundations
2014 Foundations
2013 U9
2012 U10
2011 U11
2010 U12
2009 U13
2008 U14
2007 U15
2006 U16
2005 U17
2004 U18
2003 U19


  • Placement specific questions should be directed to PCSC Technical Director, Eli Ulvi at
  • Finance or scholarship questions should be directed to PCSC Executive Director, Shelley Gillwald at