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Park City Soccer Club

Park City Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that exists to inspire young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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    We extend our gratitude to the following donors who are helping to fund PCSC's Scholarship Program, otherwise lost to the COVID cancellation of the Extreme Cup Tournament this year.

    Ryan Bales
    Jason Bertrand
    Kristin Bertrand
    Melanie Bretts
    Brian & Carra Cadman
    Logan & Mason Cadman
    The Canada Family, in honor of Grace Canada
    The Cobleigh Family
    Kelly Cook
    The Cooke Family, in memory of Terrence Cooke
    Brittany & Dusty Cooper
    Brendan Cummins
    Haiden Cunningham
    Karla Dalton
    Guy Defa & Jeanne Lehan
    The Demers Family
    Anthony DiCicco
    Karolyn Engh
    John & Caroline Gallucci
    Shelley & Pete Gillwald
    The Hailey Family
    Renee Hebert
    Sylvia Hebert
    Colin Hilton
    The Hough Family
    Scott & Jennifer Johnson
    Ana Kaiserman
    Heidi Kaiserman
    Maddie Kaiserman
    Scott Kaiserman
    The Kosiba Family
    The Koziol Family
    The Krejci Family
    The LaPine Family
    The Linder Family
    The Littlejohn Family
    Alec McAree
    Grayson McCall
    Quinn McCall
    Shawna McCall
    The McCallion Family
    Beth McCarthy
    Danny McCarthy
    Kennedy McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy
    The Mascardo Family
    Jeff Osterhout
    Melissa Osterhout
    Jean Oxton
    Michelle & Andrew Oxton
    The Peterson Family
    Laurie Podmilsak
    Hillary and Ian Poor
    Ali Provines Hendrickson, in memory of John Provines
    Stacy Sachen & Riley Goode
    The Sather Family
    The Sheffert Family
    The Snyder Family
    Shelby and Cameron Stacey
    Lilia Stein
    The Stein Family
    The Tagatz-Lobdell Family
    The Taix Family
    Duke & Susanne Thalman-Brause
    Ava Ulvi
    Dawn Ulvi
    Eli Ulvi
    Gianna Ulvi
    Kaia Ulvi
    The Wagner Family
    Kate Wagner
    Paige Wagner
    Jen & Kevin Williams
    Sean, Mary & Josh Williams
    Haillie Wimmer, in honor of Haiden Cunningham
    The Witkin Family
    Cady Wolf

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    Park City Soccer Club  
    6300 N Sagewood Drive, #H636
    Park City, UT 84098