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Park City Soccer Club

Park City Soccer Club builds community through whole athlete development and a passionate pursuit of excellence both on and off the pitch.

Updates & News


Updates & News



Reminder: Masks should be worn to and from training, particularly at indoor facilities, and at both indoor and outdoor facilities when walking with/hanging out with teammates, during breaks in training sessions, coach talks, and carpooling.

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Special thanks to our PCSC Board, families, staff, alumni, and friends for your donations to our 2021 Live PC Give PC Campaign. Funds raised this year will help the Club purchase up to 4 Veo Sport Camera Systems, and well as continue to fund our need-based Scholarship Program.

Heather Aeder
Jennifer Aldous
Michael Anderson
Lauren Angerosa
Michelle Azzaro
Stacey Baganz
Brittany Bailey
Vanessa Battaini
Gabriel Behncke
Kendra Berstein
Michelle Bergman
Mercedes Betemps
Jamie Bloomberg
Marjorie Booth
Addison Bowers
Kendra Bowers
Steve Bowers
Emily Boyd
Brian Boyd
Melanie Bretts
Jennifer Brodbeck
Matt Brown
Kelly Bullett
Amy and Jonathan Burky
Brian and Carra Cadman
Laura and Nick Caffentzis
Marc Caliguire
Ken Canada
Rodrigo Carrasco
The Chevre Family
Mary Closser
Julie Cobleigh
Kara Cody
Thomas Cooke
Carina Cooke
Laura Croney
Brendan Cummins
Chris Cunningham
Deborah Danson
Kelly Davis
The Davis Family
Marta DeBellis
Anthony DiCicco
Linda and Robert Dugins
Chris Eggleton
Andrea Esper
The Cohen - Etrog Family
Jennifer Feikin
Fred Ferguson
The Ferreira - Johanson Family
Tracy Fike
Mariel Fillipone
Melissa Fischer
Kami Flinders
Francis Fu
Katie and Dan Fuchs
Miles Gale
Stenia Gallardo
Dan Gammon
Edith Garcia
Chaon Garland
Paula Gellner
Shelley and Pete Gillwald
Anika Gillwald
Karsten Gillwald
Ben Ginster
Mika Greenwood
Nicholas Greenwood
The Hall - Vernell Family
Ashley and Jared Halper
Lauren Hanley
Kimberley Hatch
Renee Hebert
Tim and Ali Hendrickson
Carey Hildebrand
Colin and Missy Hilton
John Hladon
Shelby Hladon
Bryan Hoffman
Michelle Holbrook
Jason Hone
Lesa Hough
Maggie Hull
Courtney Johanson
Jennifer Johnson
Adam Karr
Rochelle Karr
Jennie Kautz
Jill Kindt
Ashley Kirkham
Kristi and Steven Kirsch
The Klein - Oliveira Family
Chip Knight
Ashley Laakso
Rebecca Lampkin
Janet LaPine
Bonnie and Dan Leslie
Jennifer Leslie
The Lobdell - Tagatz Family
Emily Loeffler
Nina Lynch
Leticia Magana
The Magnotta Family
Gina Magnuson
Mike and Amy Manelli
Bob Martin
The McAree Family
The McCarthy Family
Scott McClelland
Erin Maloy
Brian and Cathy McCallion
Sarah McCarthy
Allison Miller
Victoria and Jonathon Miller
Kari Moe-Hoffman
Isidro Morales
Jessica Moran
Sawyer Moran
Jim Mullaney
Tracy Mulle
Gerardo Nava
Nikki Nelson
Kimberly Newman
Jaclyn Nicolopoulos
Chad Norman
Savannah O'Connell
Patrick and Emily Olson
Jeffrey  Osterhout
Masha Ostrovsky
Jean Oxton
Michelle and Andrew Oxton
Roberto Padilla-Amaro
Edwin Pankau
Jenny Peay
Sam and Josie Peterson
Diana Peterson
The Phillips Family
The Ploof-Moynihan Family
Guillermo Pont
Hillary Poor
Brogan Price
Sarah Provan
Jake Provines
Garrett Provines
Caitlin Puckett
Natalie Ratanakovit
Paul Reddy
Sallie Rinderknecht
Scott and Janlynn Robertson
Timothy Ronan
Emily Roth-Pont
Dylan Rothwell
Nayeli Sanchez
Mary Ann Sanders
The Sather - Ballard Family
Lisa Saturnino
Mark Sidlow
Sitinee Sheffert
Anabel Sheinberg
Jill Sheinberg
Theresa Sherry
Vicki Sidlow
Traci Sniffin
The Snowberg-Markuze Family
Shelby Stacey
Lisa Stein
David Taylor
Rob and Jamie Taylor
Matt Terwillegar
Susanne Thalman
Jose William Torres
Gregory Toth
The Tsandes Family
Ava Ulvi
Dawn Ulvi
Eli Ulvi
Gianna Ulvi
Kaia Ulvi
Kelley Uranker
Maritza Valdez
Beth Vallieres
Suzanne Vandenberg
Craig Waibel
Rich and Sarah West
Kevin Williams
Jennifer Williams
Hallie Wimmer
Coco Witkin
Dana and Scott Witkin
Sawyer Witkin
Paul and Kate Wynn
kary Woodruff
Jason Wucetich
Ashley Wyatt
Chris Yates
Sarah Yates
Tracey Young

*To our generous donors and families: please email if you would like your donation to be listed in another format (e.g. Shelley and Pete Gillwald & Family, or The Gillwald Family)

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