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Park City Soccer Club

Park City Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that exists to inspire young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

Updates & News


Updates & News



The PCSC AGM had a great turnout with nearly 75 online participants. Team Representatives passed revisions to the Club's Constitution and Bylaws and the 2021/22 budget which includes a Club Education Center and Office. 

Current Board Members Brian Cadman and Michelle Oxton were elected to two-year terms (Brian was reelected, while Michelle was previously appointed.)

Terms expired for Ken Canada, Tim Hendrickson, and Karim Morrison. Ken will take an appointed term for one more year, while Karim will join the Club as an Outreach Coordinator.  Tim's departure, after 4 years, will be a significant loss to the Club's leadership. Tim was instrumental in hiring Eli as the Club's Technical Director, served as the interim Director of Coaching prior to bringing Eli on, and has been an invaluable resource to staff and the Club as a whole.

Miss the Club's Annual General Meeting on March 25?
View the AGM presentation here

Online Health Check Required For All PCSC Players as of Feb 8

To streamline the health checks of each player prior to training and all Club activities, and to ensure PCSC is in compliance with record keeping requirements, the club is transitioning to an online Health Check system beginning February 8.  Read more here.


Obligatorio cada día de entrenamiento, a partir del lunes 8 de febrero de 2021

Para agilizar los chequeos de salud de cada jugador antes de los entrenamientos y de todas las actividades del Club, y para garantizar que el PCSC cumpla con los requisitos de mantenimiento de registros, el club está realizando la transición a un sistema de control de salud en línea.  Leer más información

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We are excited to share the PCSC Online  Holiday Shop with you. We have great gear for those upcoming outdoor practices. A portion of your purchase goes to PCSC, so you can support the club and feel good about your purchase!  Place your order by Sunday, November 29.


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