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Park City Soccer Club

Park City Soccer Club is a nonprofit organization that exists to inspire young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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We extend our gratitude to the following donors who are helping to fund PCSC's Scholarship Program, otherwise lost to the COVID cancellation of the Extreme Cup Tournament this year.

Extendemos nuestro agradecimiento a los siguientes donadores que han ayudado a financiar el Programa de Ayuda Financiera de PCSC, que de otra manera no tendría fondos este año debido a la cancelación del Torneo Extreme Cup obligada por las medidas preventivas de salud contra Covid-19.

The Aeder Family
The Aldous Family
The Alonso-Pacheco Family
Brallan Alvarado & Family
The Alvarado-Fuerte Family
The Alvarez-Marin Family
The Alvord Family
Alliance Engineering
The Lucas & Katherine Anderson Family
The Chung-Bae Family
Ryan Bales
Paul Baniewicz
Diego Barrios & Family
Juan Barrios & Family
Becton, Dickinson & Co
The Behncke Family
Kelly Benenati
Jason Bertrand
Kristin Bertrand
The Bochnowski Family
The Bowers Family
Steve & Kendra Bowers
Autumn & Miles Boyd
The Boyd Family
The Bretts Family
The Brinkerhoff-Morrison Family
Alex Brown
The Bullett Family
The Bullock Family
The Burky Family
The Burnett Family
Brian & Carra Cadman
Logan & Mason Cadman
Megan Calder & Macey Bond
Mark Caliguire
The Canada Family, in honor of Grace Canada
Matthew Carlson
Jason Carone
Julianne Rosen-Carone
The Carrasco-Betemps Family
Stephanie Carter
Negar & Jean-Marc Chevre
The Cobleigh Family
The Coleman Family
Newt Collinson
Kelly Cook
The Cooke Family, in memory of Terrence Cooke
Brittany & Dusty Cooper
The Cornejo-Garcia Family
The Mark Coyne Family
Joe & Laura Croney
The Croney Family
Joe, Annabelle & Oliver Croney
Devon & Kathryn Cruickshank
Brendan Cummins
Chris Cunningham
Haiden Cunningham
Karla Dalton
Curtis Daly
Craig Davis
Jason Davis
Kelly Davis
Lisa Davis
Rikki Davis
The DeBellis Family
Guy Defa
The Copeland-Deitch Family
The Demers Family
The Reese-Demkowicz Family
Claire Desilets, in support of great neighbors
Khloe Dewitt
Anthony DiCicco
The Hodson-DuBois Family
The Efinger Family
Lisa Efinger, in honor of Shelley Gillwald
Lisa Efinger, in honor of Eli Ulvi
Chris Eggleton, in honor of Bennett & JJ
Solomon Elmann
Karolyn Engh
Luke & Max Esper
Melitta Evans
Sonja Everett
Jan Fan & Zen Li
The Farnsworth Family
Erin Feder
Jodey Fey
Tracy Fike
The Frank & Mariel Filippone Family
Jamie Fisher
Andrew & Ursula Fletcher
The Flinders Family
Paisley Flinders
Talon Flinders
Lori Forchic
Paulo Franco
Mario Fuerte
Corey Gale
Miles Gale
Feliz & Fernando Galeana-Gallardo
Stenia & Tony Galeana
Reed Galen
John & Caroline Gallucci
Rosa Garcia
The Garland Family
Sarah & Wes Garrett
Paula Gellner
On behalf of Abbie Giblin
Anika Gillwald
Cheryl Gillwald
Karsten Gillwald
Maddie Gillwald
Matt Gillwald
Shelley & Pete Gillwald
Matthew Gilmour
Libble & Ben Ginster
Arnie & Lisa Goldberg
Goldman Sachs Matching Donation
On behalf of Sofia Gonzalez
Laurie & Gary Goswick
Sophie Goswick
The Graber Family
The Grandjacquet Family
Kristi Griffin
The Gumeson Family
Barbara Hadley
The Hailey Family
The Vernell-Hall Family
Abby Hanton
The Hastings Family
Kimberley Hatch
Renee Hebert
Sylvia Hebert
Liam Heffernan
Tim Hendrickson
Cesar Hernandez
Mauricio Hernandez
The Closser-Hicke Family
Seth Hill
Colin Hilton
The Hinojosa Family
The Hladon Family
Arlo Hochman
Oscar Hochman
Paul Hochman
Nevada Hodge
The Moe-Hoffman Family
Joshua Hokanson
Michelle Holbrook
The Holder Family
Lisa Hough
The Hough Family
Alice Hughes
The Hull Family
Anna & Nathalia Hurtado
Josanne Hussain
Jaime Hynes
Jennifer Janssen
Kennedy Janssen
Mario Janssen
Nicolas Janssen
Aimee Jaquet
The Johansen Family
Tom Johansen
Scott & Jennifer Johnson
Kerry & Paul Johnston
The Kagen Family
Ana Kaiserman
Heidi Kaiserman
Maddie Kaiserman
Scott Kaiserman
The Kautz Family
Linda Kelley Nelson
Tom "TK" Kennedy
The Kindt Family
Josh & Ashley Kirkham
Chip Knight, dedicated to Cedar & Forest
The Kosiba Family
The Koziol Family
Shaela Krayer
The Krejci Family
The Laakso Family
The LaBrin Family
The Lane Family
Land Solutions Planning & Design
The LaPine Family
Rita Larsh
Jeanne Lehan
Abi Lent
David & Lois Lent
Elizabeth Lent
Stephen Lent
Bonnie & Dan Leslie
Jennifer Leslie
Sarah Kuzel Leslie
The Linder Family
The Littlejohn Family
Sunny Logsdon
Cora Lucero
The Lunsford Family
The Marin Saucedo Family
The Mansson Family
The Mascardo Family
Alec McAree
Grayson McCall
Quinn McCall
Shawna McCall
The McCallion Family
Beth McCarthy
Danny McCarthy
Kennedy McCarthy
Michael McCarthy
Caren McClelland
Scott McClelland
Tania D McIntyre
The McKone Family
The McReynolds Family
Christina Medeiros, in honor of Simone Turcotte
Paul Medeiros, in hour of Simone Turcotte
Jennifer & Shane Meider-Olney
The Carrie & Brett Miller Family
The Victoria & Jonathan Miller Family
Stacy Miller
Lee Monit
Jessica Moran
The Moynihan Family
Cara & Patrick Murphy
Andrew Natalino
Gerardo Nava
Juliet & James Nava
Yuridia & Kenneth Nava
The Nunez Family
Jimmy Nyce
Peter & Veronica ODoherty
Brett Olney
Derek Olney
Nevin Olney
Jeff Osterhout
Melissa Osterhout
Masha Ostrovsky
Jean Oxton
Michelle & Andrew Oxton
Shelly Palabrica
The Palomino Family
Everett Pankau
Ann Paradis
The Passage Family
The Peay Family
Gio Pena
The Peterson Family
Sam & Josie Peterson
Kelly Pfaff
Rob Phillips
Bill Pidwell
Susan Pidwell
Laurie Podmilsak
Amy & Jonathan Poe
Hillary and Ian Poor
Amanda Powers
Michell Powers
Tracy Powers
Brogan Price
Mia & Derek Price
Ali Provines Hendrickson, in memory of John Provines
Diana Provines, in memory of John Provines
Garrett Provines
Jake Provines
Caitlin Puckett
Danielle Raper
Nick Reddan
Paul Reddy, in honor of Madeline Reddy
Paul Reddy, in honor of Jackson Reddy
Ray Refuerzo & Family
Chris Retzer
Nayeli Reyez-Diaz
The Reyes-Zarco Family
Catalina & Alex Reynoso
Deanna Rhodes
The Richter Family
The Ben Rifkin Family
Lynette Roberts, in honor of Eli Ulvi
Bradly Rodas
Jorge Rodriquez
Nicolas Rodriquez
The Rothwell Family
Stacy Sachen & Riley Goode
Nayeli Sanchez
The Sankovitz Family
Michael & Teresa Santarosa
Sergio Santos
The Sather Family
Lisa Saturnino, MD, in honor of Coach Mark Caliguire
The Wellauer-Schlegel Family
Greg Schmidt
The Sheffert Family
Carrie Sheinberg
Henry Sigg
Chris Sipes
Naomi Smith, in honor of Cam & Shelby Stacy
The Snyder Family
The Soberanis-Garcia Family
The Sosa Family
The Staat Family
Shelby and Cameron Stacey
Lilia Stein
The Stein Family
John Stevenson
Brady Stewart
Mark & Tara Stocker
The Stone-Babalis Family
The Stone-Spencer Family
Richard Stone
Julie Strople
Richard Sussman
Laurie Sweeney
Karen Swift
Ann Sykes
The Tagatz-Lobdell Family
The Taix Family
Mike & Karri Taix
Matt Terwillegar
Duke & Susanne Thalman-Brause
The Thimm Family
Maggie Thompson
The Thorn Family
Joe Tooley
Jose William Torres
Gregory Toth
Tobin Tran
Darcy Tsandes
Dean Tsandes
Evan Tsandes
Ted Tsandes
Angel Tubilla
Rebecca Turco
The Turcotte Family
Monica & David Turcotte
Simone & Genevieve Turcotte
Brad Tyler
Katie Tyler
Lila Tyler
Zane Tyler
Ava Ulvi
Dawn Ulvi
Eli Ulvi
Gianna Ulvi
Kaia Ulvi
Beth Vallieres
Suzanne Vandenberg
Jose Vazquez
The Espinoza-Vieyra Family
Juan Carlos & Xavi Vieyra
Sandra & Franco Vieyra
Santi Vieyra
The Wagner Family
Kate Wagner
Paige Wagner
Craig Waibel
Judd Werner
The Diehl-Williams Family
The Geran Williams Family
Jen & Kevin Williams
Sean, Mary & Josh Williams
Haillie Wimmer, in honor of Haiden Cunningham
The Witkin Family
Jessica Wohlfarth
Cady Wolf
The Wynn Family
Kate Wynn
Paul Wynn
The Young Family
Diego Zegarra
Devin Zimmerman
Ivan Zurita

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We are excited to share the PCSC Online  Holiday Shop with you. We have great gear for those upcoming outdoor practices. A portion of your purchase goes to PCSC, so you can support the club and feel good about your purchase!  Place your order by Sunday, November 29.


Park City Soccer Club  
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